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BlameTC, also known as Blame the Controller, or simply BTC, is a Let's Play commentator and an active member of the MindCrack server. He was invited to join the server by Guude in October 2012 after meeting him at PlayOnCon, to work on Guude's secret project.

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Mindcrack Weekly Recap, July 10th-July 16th


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Don't Starve Together (PC) :: Episode #8 {Darkness Take You}
PokÚPark Wii :: Playthrough - Episode 3 {Planning Permission}
Rocket League Gameplay - Part 21 - Overtime
Terreroin 1.3 EXPERT MODE e26 - Sky Subway
Spelunky Daily 07/31/2015 - "write"
Pak Plays 07/31/2015 - Nuclear Throne
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 34 - Smooth Sailing (PC)
ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED E17 - PRANKING Etho & Black Hawk Down! | Docm77 [1080p]
Splatoon - Multiplayer Gameplay Part 45 - Jet Squelcher
Angry Birds 2 Gameplay - Part 2 - World 2 (Let's Play)
Batman Arkham Knight - Let's Play Part 31 - Into The Smoke (PS4 Gameplay)
Spelunky Daily Challenge (Eggplant Always the Priority) - 7-31-15 - Early

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