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Guude is an American web developer and Let's Play commentator who is the creator and de facto head of the MindCrack community. He is also the principal organizer of MindCrack events.

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Mindcrack Weekly Recap, December 12th-18th


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Mario Kart 8 :: The Road To 10,000 (Episode #107)
Alien: Isolation - E31 - Destroying The Nest
Mindcrack Server: Building A Tree
Pokemon Omega Ruby - Part 46 - Catching Azelf, Uxie And Mespirit (Gameplay Walkthrough)
"Best Christmas Tree Ever!" :: Mindcrack Season 5 - Episode 17
Ad's Patreon Server - Episode 1
Christmas brownie and coffee before livestream DUH!!!!
Smallest Map Ever (Prop Hunt #122)
Minecraft MindCrack - S5E18 - Holiday Time!
Mindcrack #50: Building The Server Tree
Material Energy^4 Ep 03 - "Ghastly WooOOOoooOOL!!!" (Minecraft HQM Modpack)
Let's Play Forza Horizon 2 (Storm Island DLC) - EP04 - Muscle Car Rally
"Alas! Treasure!" - The Sims 4 - #7
Aimbot in Minecraft

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